Dry steam disinfection

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Disinfection and treatment with dry steam; walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, parquet floors, tiles, beams, cellars, storage room, attic, garage.


Bed bug treatment is a key process in removing these invasive and unpleasant pests from your flat. The use of dry steam is a very effective method for the removal of bed bugs and their eggs, without the use of harmful chemicals.


Dry steam is produced by heating water until it reaches a high temperature and is transformed into steam. This dry steam is then sprayed onto the infected areas with a special machine to kill the bed bugs.


The dry steam kills bed bugs by penetrating their skin and respiratory system, eliminating them instantly. In addition, dry steam is able to penetrate cracks and crevices in your flat where bed bugs like to hide, killing the pests and their eggs at their very source.


It is important to note that dry steam bed bug disinfection is a meticulous process that requires careful attention to detail. To be effective, dry steam must be applied at a temperature high enough to kill bed bugs, but not so high as to damage the surfaces in your flat.


In addition, disinfecting a flat with dry steam is an effective method of eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses that may be spreading in your living space. This method is used to kill germs and eliminate allergens, without the need to use chemicals that are harmful to your health.


To disinfect your flat, we use a specially designed steam cleaner. This is a device that produces steam at high temperature and high pressure, which allows us to disinfect all surfaces in your home quickly and effectively.


In summary, dry steam bed bug disinfection is an effective and environmentally friendly method of removing pests from your home.


If you have any doubts or questions about bed bug disinfection in your flat, contact our team of professionals for help.




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